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Beautifully Made Heating Cap

Beautifully Made Heating Cap

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Material: Microfiber cotton/nylon
Content: Flaxseed/linseed
Size:27*27 cm
Color: purple

Deep-Conditioning Haircare (Cordless)
Home or Portable Convenience
Soft, Microfiber Cotton
Comfort-Fit Stretchable Nylon
Steaming and Microwaveable Use
Reversible and Reusable
Safe for Natural, Long, Thick, or Curly Hair
Easy to Clean and Maintain

Package includes
1 X Thermal Heat Cap
1 X Storage Bag
10 X Disposable Shower Caps

1. Rinse your hair so that no residue remains on your hair.
2. Apply hair care products evenly to your hair.
3. Use microwavable heat cup should use the temperature with medium heat for 1-2 minutes. Because the power of the microwave oven is different, the heating time will be different. For the first time, it is recommended to heat for 30 seconds and then remove the cap and test the temperature. Then you can heat it again. Take 30 seconds as a unit, the maximum time of total heating should not exceed 2 minutes, so as not to damage the heat cap. After mastering the time, you can heat it once again.
4. You need to use a disposable shower cap to wrap your hair and then wear a heat cap.
5. The nursing time is usually about 15-20 minutes, and finally take off the heat cap, wash the hair in cold water.
6. When cleaning the heat cap, please wash it with warm water or mild soap to avoid direct soaking in the water.
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